Pink salt of the Himalayas

The Himalayas is the highest mountain range in the world, with its peak, Everest, rising to over 8400 meters high and nicknamed the roof of the world. It is also there that we find what we call the pink salt of the Himalayas.

More than 250 million years ago, there was a sea on this site, now extinct. Through the movement of the tectonic plates and the action of the sun, the water of this sea has evaporated, leaving only salt on the spot, in the form of crystallized minerals. This is called the pink salt of the Himalayas.

Known to be a pleasant alternative to table salt, it is gaining more renown especially because of its health benefits. This is what we will present to you.

What is the pink salt of the Himalayas?

The pink salt of the Himalayas is therefore the result of the evaporation of the seawater originally found at the site of the Himalayas. This is why it is harvested underground, in real salt mines, about 500 meters below the surface of the Earth. This is partly because it is known for its purity and its many trace elements rich in health benefits.

This salt is therefore in the form of pinkish crystals; nothing, apart from its strange color, distinguishes it from a classic salt that could be found in our supermarkets. Less refined than traditional salt, it is necessarily more pure and therefore better for health. In the age of the all-natural, adopting the pink salt of the Himalayas is the most coherent attitude possible.

Minerals and energy

Its conservation conditions have made, we have seen, a very pure and preserved mineral, and therefore a perfect energy receptacle. Indeed, protected from pollution and all the toxicity of the air thanks to the protective layer of the Earth, it is thus of a unique quality.

Moreover, because of its cellular structure, it stores what is called vibratory energy: without entering into metaphysical considerations, it is simply the energy generated by our cells as a function of the concentration of different minerals in our body. Thus, an organism that has a high concentration of sodium will have a higher vibrational energy level.

Vibrational energy changes are usually due to fatigue, vitamin deficiency, poor state of mind. Consuming or coming into contact with a mineral rich in vibratory energy makes it possible to recover a good state of health more quickly.

Because it is rich in trace elements and has a cedar structure that allows our body to absorb easily, the pink salt of the Himalayas is an undeniable health asset. 

Many other benefits and advantages

The pink salt of the Himalayas includes many virtues and can bring you a lot if you choose to have a regular consumption. It can help to control your water level in the body, so it is ideal when you are subject to water retention; it regulates your blood pressure and helps you have better vascular health; it improves your respiratory functions, while balancing the pH of your cells.

Moreover, thanks to its special cell structure, it not only promotes the absorption of nutrients by your intestines and has a detoxifying action on your body, but prevents muscle cramps that can occur in case of fatigue, consolidates your bones in the long term and fades the signs of aging. Finally, promoting healthy sleep habits, it would also increase your libido.

Different uses

The advantage of the pink Himalayan salt is that it is not restricted to a simple food use. Indeed, if you can use it without problem to season your dishes, you can also use it to decorate your baths.

If the question of the danger of the Himalayan pink salt for health has been solved for a long time, some people are still reluctant to use it other than in a bath or a treatment.

Indeed, it is a condiment perfectly fit for consumption and will have the same taste as any food salt while allowing you to enjoy many other benefits. You can find many recipes with pink salt of the Himalayas to decorate your dishes.

Its use is also optimal during a bath or treatment: you can pour into your bathtub crystals to enjoy all their benefits. You can otherwise do salt crystal care, simply by mixing pink salt of the Himalayas and honey for example. This will purify your skin while giving you energy after a complicated day.

Finally, you can find the pink salt in the form of lamps: formed from imposing salt blocks of the Himalayas in which we introduced an electrical system, these lamps are said to have beneficial effects for health, through the energy and the waves they would release. This will also act as an air purifier.

What pink salt from the Himalayas to buy?

As you can see, the pink salt of the Himalayas can be used in many ways. Here we present some products that we believe will meet your expectations.

Pink crystal salt from Comptoirs et compagnie

This is a bag of one kilogram of pink salt crystals, suitable for consumption. Unrefined, tastier than the classic salt, it will be perfect in your dishes and in your mixes sweet and salty. If the size of the crystals from 3 to 5 mm can make them difficult to dissolve, they are easily crushed in a salt mill.

The pink salt of Silk Route Spice Company

Coming directly from the most famous salt mines in the Himalayan range, these salt crystals will perfectly meet your expectations because they are particularly rich in trace elements, potassium, iron and magnesium. Plus, guaranteed without additives or preservatives, it meets your desire to lead a healthier life.

Perfectly fit for consumption, you can integrate it into all your preparations; it will give a lot more taste to your kitchen, because it is a condiment much purer than the classic white salt refined to the extreme. You can also use it in the form of body care, in your bath or as a skin exfoliator.

Himalayan pink salt from Westlab Ltd

Finally, if you want to find a product specifically to take care of your body, your skin, we recommend this product that presents the pink salt in a more practical form to use in a bathroom. This pink Himalayan bath salt is ideal for decorating your toilet and relaxing while taking care of your body.

This product, however, remains classic pink salt which can therefore be used in culinary preparations, since no additive has been added. However, we recommend that you do not mix the salt in your bath with the salt in your kitchen for obvious hygiene reasons.

✓ The best alternative to table salt? Our opinion.

The disadvantage of white table salt is that it is so refined that all its mineral wealth is affected: it becomes less rich in minerals and trace elements.

The advantage of the pink salt of the Himalayas is that it is very preserved and pure because it is protected from all the pollution; moreover, in its marketing process, it is not transformed at all, but only washed, perhaps broken into small crystals, and then packaged.

The respect of the product is therefore one of the best arguments that can be raised in favor of the pink salt of the Himalayas. Moreover, very healthy product, it is perfect for all those who are tempted by the movement of organic and seeking to remove from their diet all that would be too chemical, not natural enough.

Danger and contraindications

Is the pink salt of the Himalayas a danger to your health? As with any salt, you will have to pay attention to your sodium intake: indeed, an overdose of sodium is very bad for the health, because it can generate water retention or more serious health problems like hypertension or heart problems.

It is generally recommended not to ingest more than 1,500 mg of sodium daily, as the body does not need more than 500 mg to function properly.

Therefore, the only danger of this product would be over-consumption that could lead to disorders in your health. We therefore recommend that you do not consume more than necessary and pay particular attention to your consumption when you have a history of water retention, hypertension or heart disease.

Where to buy pink Himalayan salt at the best price?

Where to buy Himalayan rose salt? What is the price of the Himalayan pink salt? We can help you get it easily. This is an uncommon product, but one that is increasingly well known. In principle, you will not have any problem finding one. This product is available in supermarkets: Monoprix, Carrefour, Auchan. If you can not find this product in store, you can still get it on the internet through online shopping sites like Amazon or Ebay.

As for the price: in general, the more you buy in large quantities, the less the salt will cost you dearly. For example, Carrefour's Himalayan pink salt is more expensive per kilo than the 1 kilogram bags you can find on the internet, as the quantities sold are not the same.

To conclude, without looking very long you will easily find your product, because it is a condiment that has become much more popular in recent years and is spreading more and more in food shops.

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