Superfoods can also be algae or plants

A new concept has been developing in recent years, that of super foods, also called superfoods. It revolves around foods supposed to be particularly beneficial for health.

Most of these products can not be considered as main foods or even as accompaniments. Rather, they should be seen as dietary supplements, that is, foods that complement a healthy and varied diet.

The vast majority of these super foods are of plant origin: fruits, vegetables, plants ... Within this site, you will find a series of articles centered on the main superplants and the main superalgae. We talk about their characteristics, their assets, and who they are for.

What is a superalga or superplant?

A superalga or superplant can be defined as an alga or plant with a higher concentration of nutrients than other foods. These high nutritional properties give them certain health benefits.

Super plants are often leaves, roots or seeds. For super-seaweed, the vast majority of edible seaweed could be included, but some remain more interesting than others.

What are the superalgae / superplants for?

Naturally, there is behind this concept of super foods a lot of marketing. It is enough to note the number of new products considered as super foods in recent years. Reasonably logical, since the health and well-being sector concerns everyone. We all want to maintain good health as long as possible. Also, many people are willing to pay a high price for a product that is supposed to improve their health. By taking a look at the prices in the food supplement market, we understand that there are economic issues. In the extreme, some products are called super foods without any real foundation.

However, everything is not to be thrown away, and we really find great foods that can be described as such. So of course, these are not miracle products that replace medical treatment. But when we know how important our diet is to our health, we understand that some of these super plants and superweeds consumed regularly offer real benefits for our health.

Most often, these super-algae and super-plants have a high antioxidant content. These can reduce the risk of certain diseases (cancer, cardiovascular ...), and slow down aging.

Similarly, these plants and algae are often very rich in trace elements and vitamins. In summary, they help reduce fatigue and stress, but some can also reduce bad cholesterol levels or help slim down. They are also used as dietary supplements when one suffers from deficiencies.

The 7 best super seaweed / super plants

Among the choice of superfruits proposed in the trade the best ones are the following ones:

✓ Spirulina (super seaweed)

✓ Green tea (super plant)

✓ The Maca (super plant)

✓ Matcha tea (super plant)

✓ Nori  (super seaweed)

✓ The kumbu  (super seaweed)

✓ Wakame  (super seaweed)

These 7 super foods each have their strengths and can be found quite easily in specialized shops or on the internet.

How to consume them?

There are several ways to consume them, depending on the type of super plant or super-alga it is. For example, green tea can be consumed classically in the form of infused beverage.

More generally, these super foods are available in powder form. This is consumed by being mixed in a drink (water, milk, smoothie ...) or by being sprinkled on food. A versatile form that can be used both during a cure or from time to time.

They also exist in the form of tablets and capsules. A particularly interesting solution when following a cure requiring a very accurate daily dosage.

You can also get some super seaweed or super plants in dried form or extract.

Because of their high concentration of nutrients, do not consume excessively. Otherwise, it can produce side effects or various problems. It is important to respect the dosages indicated on the packaging and do not hesitate to seek advice from your doctor, especially when you are a pregnant woman, when you breastfeed or when you follow medical treatment.

The pitfalls of the food industry

The super foods market is not yet sufficiently regulated. You can easily find anything and everything. Many products promise us a multitude of health benefits. As such, note that scientific studies are still insufficiently complete to know the real effects of this or that super food.

However, for some products, we know their nutritional values ​​fairly precisely, which gives us a fairly accurate idea of ​​their effects on our body.

Beware of products sold at a price too attractive and especially those whose exact origin of the ingredients is unknown. Remember to always check the exact composition of the product and if it is indeed the species in question, because some plants or algae exist in different varieties close, but often only one is really considered super food.

We recommend to opt if possible for products from organic farming certified by the French or European label.